Friday, April 11, 2008

Has it REALLY been that long?

Since I last blogged. Wow. I'm so sorry. I hate that I have neglected this and my weight loss efforts for this long. I am nearing the end of planning a very stressful conference and dieting and exercising has been near impossible. I am about to really kick this into high gear again. I wish I was now. I'm doing the best I can which unfortunately isn't good enough. I'm back and will definately be here with another post Monday.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've been going through a lot personally and professionally and have been way too busy to do much of anything out of the ordinary. I have been super stressed with work and have practically been living there. I am also emotionally in a rough place but I am working to climb out of my funk. It's hard though when I am sleep deprived but I am working on fixing that problem. 

I am hoping to get back into the routine of things by tomorrow. I just got my office under control this morning and I am hoping to regain control over my house tonight. I think once I do that I will be good to go. I just feel so out of control of everything right now. I am so overwhelmed.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning which I am not looking forward to. I have had a lack of time to take care of myself and I am very worried that after all my hard work its going to show on the scale. I'm just going to have to work that much harder.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catching Up

I think my body is finally getting the idea on this whole weight loss thing. I am starting to lose the weight a little better and dropping a little faster. I am so excited. 

There is no weigh in this week because I weighed in twice last week. I'm starting to move up in our family weight loss competition. I am now positioned in 8th place from about 15th place. I am starting to gain on the others. It feels good to feel like I am back in the competition.

I started getting up earlier to get to the gym. I figured if I got there earlier I could get a longer work out in. This is the first day to make it out of bed almost on time and I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I hope my body can get used to this routine. Going to bed early is the really hard part especially now that it doesn't get dark until close to 9:00 now.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Much to talk about...

Sorry I am a little late. I had an insane weekend which left me not too well on Monday. I'm still not feeling great but I am a million times better.

The gym is going great! I am LOVING my new treadmill routine. My hour and a half on there flies by. So far there has been no agonizing times while I'm on it. I am slowly getting into the Curves routine. it's been hard since I'm at my other gym so much and I don't ever feel like Curves is adding much. I need to make it at least 3x a week to give it a fair chance.

I did great on my weight loss this week. I lost nearly 5 pounds, 4.8 to be exact. I am hoping to pull ahead some in the weight loss competition. We will have to see how the next couple of weeks go but I think my body is starting to catch on to the weight loss thing.

Last night I went to go get fitted for a bridesmaid dress. I need to lose about 10 inches in the waist and 20 inches in the hips to even fit in it. Which means I have to hit this whole thing even harder than I already am. I have a new focus, new determination and a new game plan. Here are the pictures. I HATE the color and this is not the dress. I am so glad that the color looks better in pictures because its terrible in person.

Can you feel the sarcasm?

Hmm... Is there anything that I am missing? I think I've covered it for now. See you later.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Words of Affirmation

Last week was a good week. Not necessarily in pounds or inches but in spirit. I am really getting my fun groove back at the gym. It was really enjoyable for a long time but getting into it this time around has been terrible. I've gotten into 3 forms of exercise that I am just digging and I have the best set of music I've had in a long time. I am not looking forward to the day where I lose interest in the music and it stops working for me.

This week I got 3 random compliments from people at the gym and some advice that really confirmed what I've been doing at the gym. One of the compliments came from a cute boy and i have to say that I was glad that he finally got off the treadmill so I could run again. My heart rate would not go down far enough with him there running next to me. LOL.

I am only down .2 this week but that's ok because I am having some major PMS issues right now. So its all good. As long as I didn't gain.

Monday, February 18, 2008

That's more like it

I am down nearly 4 pounds!!! Yay for me!!!

So I am really proud of myself. Things have been different for me this time around. I have noticed some really great habits coming out of me lately. The first one, I am an emotional eater. I eat when I am happy or sad and I eat when others are happy or sad or anything in between. I have made many conscience choices to not eat emotionally over the past several weeks. I've had some pretty challenging situations lately. I have also been careful to reward myself with food for good diet behavior. I don't want to think of food as a reward.

Then there is the gym. No matter what I have made going to the gym a top priority. I've pulled many late nights just to make sure that I go. On the weekends, I have been trying to go twice a day. It's hard because I live pretty far from the gym but I am still trying to do it anyway. I've changed the treadmill routine. I am walking at a slower pace without an incline and then on a few occasions during the workout i will bump up the speed and run in 2 min. increments. I can't do it any longer than that because my heart rate starts to get too high. Running is a big deal for me. i am pretty clumsy and accident prone so running for the most part is generally out of the question. That ad its kind of uncomfortable with your fat flying around. LOL. Surprisingly that hasn't really been an issue. I'm also varying what I'm doing. I take water aerobics now, swim, and play racquetball. I actually thing the treadmill is beginning to miss me a bit ;O) This week I actually start using my Curves membership.

Well that's it for now. Here are this weeks stats.

last Week: 328.0
This Week: 324.2
Weight Lost: -3.8 pounds

Monday, February 11, 2008

I better be losing inches..

because I am definitely not losing pounds. I've been working my ass off at the gym and staying in my calorie range and still have nothing to show for it. Well not really. My clothes are fitting better and I did buy a smaller size pant. I really don't count the pant thing for too much until I can fit into a smaller jean size not casual workout clothing.

Is it too much to ask to want to see pounds too?

I weighed myself on Friday afternoon and I was down to 326.2. I was thinking it would be at least that if not a few pounds lighter. I dropped 2 1/2 pounds in one day so I was thinking I would have a great weigh in. So I guess that was were the disappointment was. I have been really good and making it to the gym sometimes twice a day. Don't take this as discouragement because I'm not discouraged. My clothes are fitting better and regardless of the kind of pant I bought it was still a smaller size. That alone is worth celebrating!! I'm just wondering when I get to actually see the pounds come off?

Oh well, it will happen, I just need to practice some patience!!

This week's goals. I refigured my calorie intake. Which hasn't really changed since I haven't lost much but I balanced the calories out a little better. I just gave myself more to eat during the week and less to eat on the weekend.

Have a great week!